Hip love.

So, I’m working on sundays vinyasa flow. Theme will be the hips. And since I’m very passionate about anatomy I couldn’t help but illustrate this short article with a picture of the structure of the pelvis. It’s fascinating how many muscles attach to the surroundings of the hip joint. The joint has a ‘ball in socket’ structure, which makes it even more exiting, for it can rotate 360 degrees. My class has to consist of postures that target the front, inside, outside and back of hip. So many muscles ask for very precise stretches to reach the exact areas. I’m sure we’re going to need some patience to get in there. That’s not all tho.

The hips are said to be a container of emotions because they’re so closely linked to the psoas musculature, which is referred to as the fight or flight muscle. Psoas connects the ribs to the legs and is prone to shortening from sitting. Shallow breathing, fear, stress will make them cramp up, causing lower back pain in the end. In order to get some release, we need not only work the circumference of the hips to get the result we want.

It’s also key to also relax the face in the process. In particular the jaws as they mimic the pelvis. Most important is to deepen the breath, slowing it down.

I can go on and on… probably will, Sunday. For now, back to work…few more days to think, test, finish. ✌🏻

Sunday 11:00. Bring a stressed-out friend!

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