Somatics at work


Somatic Movement training 

Somatic Movement can be used by coaches and managers as a tool to improve both the performance of individuals and the health and wellbeing of the people they work with. The method is based on mechanical and neurological principles that are easily accessible through practical movement lessons.

By emphasizing experiential learning, Somatic Movement offers Executive Coaches, Managers and Business Leaders a way to improve many aspects of daily work life: From sitting and walking comfortably, improving interpersonal relationships to developing personal impact, presence and optimized breathing.

Photo by Tim Gouw

By examining patterns of everyday movements, Somatics stimulates the discovery of new possibilities and choices.

This can be a particularly interesting approach for increasing potential as well as creativity.

While widely recognized within the performing arts and sports as a method for improving skills, performance and injury recovery, Somatics is not well known outside of these areas. However, the principles and practice of Somatic Movement are very applicable in the workplace.

Burnout prevention

In addition to the above benefits, Somatics can be used for Burn-out prevention. This method has a direct physical effect on muscle tension (and pain) and therefore has an immediate positive effect on stress and anxiety.

The results of regular practice are: Greater confidence, more resilience and fewer posture-related complaints. Somatics ensures that you can feel exactly when you encounter your limits.

Business Package includes

  • Intake
  • 10 individual sessions 75 min
  • Personal selfcare schedule

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