Reduce stress through movement

Did you know that chronic muscular tension is directly linked to psychological stress?

Human beings are naturally well equipped to recover from short-term, life-threatening stress. Unfortunately, long-term, psychological stress stays with us, and its effects tend to build up and get worse over time. Muscular tension resulting from stress accumulates as we age, affecting our posture and making our movements stiff. Muscular tension is linked directly to psychological stress and mental activity, and it is extremely difficult to relax the mind and reduce stress if there is chronic muscular tension in the body. Muscular tension raises blood pressure and leads to shallow breathing, both of which increase our stress level.

Somatic Education uses extremely slow and focused movements to train the nervous system to release chronic muscular contraction. The movements reduce stress, relieve soreness and pain, and improve posture and every day movement.

In order to get lasting relief, you need to train your nervous system to release your chronically tight muscles.

To retrain your nervous system to keep your muscles released, you must engage in an active learning process consisting of slow, conscious movements. Passive methods such as stretching, massage, and chiropractic don’t have any lasting effect because they do not change the messages that your brain is sending to your muscles to stay tight.

Somatic Education is gentle, therapeutic, and suitable for all ages and physical abilities.

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