Yoga & Cycling

My collab with RCC Amsterdam is a fact.
In this article you can read about the Yoga Program for Cyclists that I designed. Also There’s a link to why Yoga is so beneficial for cyclists and other athletes.

Starting January 8, Rapha Amsterdam will be hosting Yoga-Sessions to keep their Club Members flexible during the winter months.
The 8 Yoga Sessions will take place at the beautiful Lululemon Studio in Amsterdam.

With this winter program RCC members, as the weeks pass, will get more and more prepared for the upcoming season.

About the trainer

Kira Heimeriks is a certified yoga trainer used to working with (pro) cyclists like Julia Soek and other athletes. She facilitates athletes to reach to their full movement potential.
While synchronising breath with movement, they will learn how to engage, aswell as release their muscles resulting in strength, stability, mobility and effortless use of your muscles.

The way Kira teaches yoga has some serious benefits for riding as you can read in this article.

The program

January 8 we’ll kick off the RCC Yoga program, consisting of 8 sessions. The first one will be an intro to Yoga. In this clinic RCC members will learn the alignment and names of the postures. That way they won’t be lost in the following lessons.

The intro will be recorded and will be made available for all as a reference.

During the program, members will learn a sequence that is tailor made for cyclists. The sequence of postures will be the same each time in order for them to be able to really master the movements and get all the benefits.
Each lesson will adress different aspects like how to position and use the feet, the pelvis, the shoulders, the gaze etc.

At the end of the program, the sequence will be available online exclusively for RCC members (those who attended) so that they can practice whenever and wherever they want.

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